All My Friends: celebrating the songs and voice of Gregg Allman

GREGG Allman is one of rock’s most acclaimed and beloved icons, both as leader of the legendary Allman Brothers Band and for his superb solo recordings.
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This new double CD and single DVD set serves as the perfect tribute to the man and his songs.

Recorded live on January 10 this year at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, it features a multi-generational assortment of musicians from the worlds of rock, blues and country performing a swag of Allman staples.

Notable guest performers include Eric Church, Trace Adkins, Vince Gill, Martina McBride, Zac Brown and Brantley Gilbert.

Also included is performances by Taj Mahal and Gregg’s one time former roommate Jackson Browne.

While each interpretation is masterful in delivery an obvious standout of the set is the current Allman Brothers Band lineup – with Gregg singing – running through Dreams and a scorching rendition of Whipping Post.

The album will be available locally on May 2 through Rounder Records.

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Rubbish provokes outrage

Filthy: Hamilton Road residents are sick of rubbish lining their street.FAIRFIELD residents are outraged with the amount of rubbish they say is regularly dumped on their street.
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Hamilton Road resident Andrew Nicholson said the most recent pile of rubbish had been on the footpath for more than a week before the council came to remove it.

He said this was a regular occurrence.

“To make matters worse, there seems to be a broken sewerage pipe, which leaks waste across the footpath and into the roadside gutter,” Mr Nicholson said.

“This is utterly unacceptable and a danger to human health. Why do people on Hamilton Road have to put up with constant barricades of rubbish or push their children in strollers into oncoming traffic to try and escape an open sewer leaking across the council footpath?”

A Fairfield council spokeswoman said action had been taken.

“The council has dealt with the sewer overflow issue and an emergency order was issued last Friday to the managing agent to have the lines repaired in the coming days,” she said. “The occupier made arrangements last Thursday with waste enforcement to have the rubbish removed off the footpath.”

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Coca-Cola Amatil plays down ratings downgrades

Soft drink bottler Coca-Cola Amatil has played down the impact of credit rating downgrades by ratings agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s in the wake of Friday’s shock profit warning.
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CCA says the credit downgrades will have no impact on its interest costs or ability to refinance debt in the short to medium term.

The ratings agencies cut their credit ratings or downgraded the credit outlook for CCA after the bottler shocked investors on Friday by warning that June-half earnings were expected to fall by 15 per cent.

Moody’s long term A3 rating has been maintained, but the outlook has changed from stable to negative. Standard & Poor’s reduced its long-term rating from A- to BBB+ but affirmed CCA’s short-term rating at A-2.

CCA said on Tuesday it has maintained an investment grade credit rating with both agencies and the changes to its credit rating are not expected to have any short to medium term impact on the company.

CCA has pre-funded maturing debt for approximately two years. All of the debt maturing in 2014 and 2015 has already been refinanced with cash held on term deposits at margins above associated borrowing costs.

According to CCA’s annual report, the bottler had $3.1 billion of interest-bearing debt at the end of 2013 but cash on hand and short term deposits totalling $1.4 billion.

The report also showed that former chief executive Terry Davis, who stepped down in March, took a 53 per cent pay cut last year after CCA’s underlying earnings fell 10 per cent.

Mr Davis’s base pay rose from $2.3 million to $2.7 million, but he received no short term bonus (vs $2.42 million in 2012) and superannuation benefits on short term incentives fell from $947,562 to $338,351.

In addition, long term incentives were reversed by $99,282 (vs long term incentives worth $1.14 million in 2012) after performance hurdles were not achieved.

Mr Davis’s total remuneration fell from $7.9 million to $3.7 million.

None of CCA’s senior management team, with the exception of NZ managing director Barry O’Connell, received their short term bonus.

CCA’s new chief executive, Alison Watkins, has launched a broad-based strategic review and flagged a “step-change” in CCA’s fixed costs and productivity in the wake of the profit decline.

CCA has been unable to recover higher costs in Australia because of aggressive pricing in supermarkets and weaker sales in the higher-margin route trade.

Earnings in Indonesia are also expected to fall this year because of increased competition from new rivals such as Big Cola, rising labour and fuel costs and currency depreciation.

Broker CIMB says CCA could cut costs by more than $100 million a year by culling excess stock keeping units or SKUs, closing bottling plants and reducing its merchandise field force.

Brokers such as Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley believe CCA needs to cut prices to better compete against Schweppes, which bottles Pepsi, and come up with new products to satisfy changing consumer tastes.

Standard & Poor’s says CCA’s operating expertise should enable it to arrest the volume and earnings decline in its Australian business in the next two years.

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Former Gunns chair John Gay cleared to direct companies

Former Gunns chairman John Gay. Photo: Peter MathewConvicted inside trader and former Gunns Ltd chief, John Gay, has won permission to direct companies again, eight months after he was disqualified.
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Mr Gay, 70, was given leave in the Tasmanian Supreme Court to direct two companies – a trustee company, and the family trust’s sole asset – a $2.9 million turnover timber veneer business.

“Mr Gay is the driving force behind the veneer business,” Justice Robert Pearce said on Tuesday.  “There is no appreciable risk that he will reoffend.

“His management of the companies poses no risk to the public and to the interests of the shareholders, creditors and the 21 employees of the company.

“To the contrary, without the benefit of his experience, knowledge and expertise there is a prospect that their interests may be adversely affected.”

Mr Gay was fined $50,000 and banned from directing a company when he was convicted of selling 3.4 million Gunns shares in late 2009 while he had price sensitive information, in a sale that netted around $800,000.

Mr Gay pleaded guilty to the offence on the basis that he ought reasonably to have known that a management report in his possession showing a slump in company revenue was inside information.

Justice Pearce said the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions intended to apply for a pecuniary penalty order against Gay under the Proceeds of Crime Act, but he was satisfied it was still appropriate to grant conditional leave.

“I would readily accept that Mr Gay was, until the commission of this offence, a person with an unblemished record and of good general character,” he said.

“Living in this State I cannot help but be aware that, prior to his resignation as executive chairman, his management of Gunns Ltd was controversial. Those controversies are of a commercial, policy or political nature, and are not relevant to the questions this court is required to determine.”

Justice Pearce said that Gay’s offence was serious, but it did not involve dishonest or deliberate conduct, and he had suffered public condemnation and loss of reputation.

“Although I am satisfied that the risk of future corporate misconduct is very low it would be prudent to impose a condition that Mr Gay is not sole director of either company,” he said.

The judge said that while there was no evidence Mr Gay had any immediate intention to participate in the management of any other companies, private or public, it remained a possibility for a person with his business skills and experience.

Mr Gay was not in court for the decision.

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Wicked Campers ‘Fat chicks are harder to kidnap’ slogan breached advertising standards: watchdog

Wicked Campers is known for painting its campers with slogans some people find in bad taste.Brisbane-based Wicked Campers was found to have made light of abduction by splashing the slogan “Fat chicks are harder to kidnap” on one of its vehicles.
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The Advertising Standards Bureau has upheld a complaint that the company breached Section 2.6 of the Advertiser Code of Ethics, which states that advertising or marketing communications should not depict material contrary to prevailing community standards on health and safety.

The board’s judgement noted that “there is significant community concern regarding kidnap, especially in light of current high profile cases involving the abduction and murder of children both in Australia and overseas”.

It added that “kidnap is illegal and … this advertisement is making light of, and encouraging, behaviour which is against prevailing community standards on safety”.

However, the bureau rejected the other reason for complaint – that the slogan was misogynistic and offensive to women.

The judgement noted the reference to “fat girls” and considered that the statement was general and not directed at a specific person.

“The board considered that the reference to fat girls in this instance, whilst tasteless and not a nice reference, does not meet the threshold for being discriminatory or vilifying towards overweight females or to females in general,” the judgement read.

“The board considered that the advertisement did not depict material that discriminated against or vilified sections of society.”

Wicked Campers has a history of tagging its campers – which are popular with backpackers – with gross-out humour.

Other slogans have included “Save a whale, harpoon a Jap”, “Save a tree, eat a beaver”, and “If God were a woman would sperm taste like chocolate?”

Brisbane Times has approached Wicked Campers for comment.

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Perth mixed martial arts fighter Chris Indich needs decisive victory in UFC showdown

Perth MMA fighter, Chris Indich Perth MMA fighter Chris Indich preparing for UFC debut
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On Thursday, Rockingham mixed martial arts fighter Chris Indich will have the fight of his life in front of 15,000 Canadian Ultimate Fighting Championship fans and a huge television audience at the live finale of the Ultimate Fighter Nations.

On the line will be what every fighter dreams of, a UFC contract, but, to achieve that dream, Indich will have to beat a teammate, Sydney’s Richard Walsh.

Both fighters were cast members of The Ultimate Fighter Nations, a UFC reality show that pitted a team of Canadian and Australian fighters against each other, with a a six-figure UFC contract in two weight divisions, welterweight and middleweight, on the line.

It was a forgettable series for the Australians, with only Walsh making it through to the welterweight semi-finals. Indich lost his opening welterweight fight against eventual finalist Chad Laprise, however his performance, constantly pushing forward despite taking punishment over the full two rounds from the highly skilled Laprise, was enough for the UFC to throw the Arena MMA-trained fighter a lifeline.

He had been training with world Brazilian jiu jitsu champion Robert Drysdale at his Las Vegas academy, physically preparing himself as if he had already earned a slot on the finale, but, mentally, the proudly indigenous fighter, raised predominantly by his grandmother, was preparing to receive bad news.

“I felt like training was going to be the best thing to do, regardless of whether I got the call or not, so even if I hadn’t got the call I still would have gone to Vegas and picked up some good skills to take home,” he said.

“It was a shock to hear [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva’s voice on the phone because we knew that call was coming but it could go either way. We were told we would get a call that would either give us a fight in Canada or release us from our contract and, thankfully, I got another fight.

“Mentally I was preparing, thinking about what I could do next, sort of expecting not to get the call but physically training as if I would, just to sort of brace myself and leave myself in a good position if it was bad news.”

Having secured that good news, Indich, with his preparation complete, is now preparing to fight on the undercard of an event headlined by a grudge match between perennial contender Michael Bisping (24-5) and former US Army Green Beret Tim Kennedy (17-4).

Taking on Walsh, Indich knows that a gritty performance like his display against Laprise will not be enough to secure his future at the highest level in MMA. He needs a decisive victory and he is prepared to use his full arsenal to secure that victory. He has fully recovered from injuries sustained during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter Nations and is in peak condition.

“During the fight [with Laprise], he caught me with a spinning back kick and that damaged rib cartilage, so I was basically on the shelf for the rest of the show, my training was really restricted,” he said.

“The deal is, I guess, is probably more than likely whoever wins gets a further contract. The winner will probably get another shot but you never know the circumstances of the loser. The way I see it, the winner stays and the loser probably gets cut.

“I’m going in there to fight. I’m not going in there to do anything but that. He has to stop me and, if he can’t, I’m going to be coming at him the whole time.”

While sharing a house for the better part of 12 weeks will lead to a certain familiarity, Indich says his injury, as well as circumstance, meant he was not overly familiar with Walsh. But he and his coach, Taff Davies, believe he has the skills to defeat the Sydney fighter.

Inditch is predominantly a controlled grappler with a purple belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and solid striking skills, yet against Laprise he elected to keep the fight standing.

Indich is now the second Perth fighter with a UFC contract, behind heavyweight Soa Palelei (2-1 in the UFC), and he said he gets an enormous sense of pride representing Perth, even though, under current legislation, the UFC are unwilling to come to his home town due to a ban on MMA contests in a fenced enclosure.

“The more that I go away from Perth, in Australia or overseas, the more I miss and appreciate Perth,” Indich said.

Along with Indich and Walsh, two other Australian fighters will feature on the card. Melbourne’s Vik Grujic (6-2) will take on Montreal’s Nordine Taleb (8-2), while, in the co-main event of the card, Australia’s coach Kyle Noke (20-6-1) will face the coach of Team Canada, former middleweight title challenger Patrick Cote (19-8).

The UFC nations finale will screen at live and free on Fox Sport’s FX channel at 9am AEST. Follow WAtoday on Twitter

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East’s swimmers step up at Age championships

BENDIGO East clubmates Kiara Verbeek and Matthew Slot will race at the Australian Age Swimming Championships for the first time week.
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POOLSIDE: Tony Rodda, iara Verbeek, Matthew Slot, Rebecca Holmes and Kate Jordan. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

The Georgina Hope Swimmers Foundation-backed meet will run until Easter Monday in Sydney.

Verbeek and Slot will join Bendigo East’s Kate Jordan and Rebecca Holmes in competing against many of the country’s best young swimmers at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre in Homebush Bay.

The two young guns have steadily improved throughout the 2013-14 season.

Slot and Verbeek won trophies and medals at regional and country competitions.

Both are keen to perform well at the highest level.

Verbeek will contest the 13-year girls’ 100m breast-stroke.

Slot will challenge for the 15-year boys’ 200m breast-stroke title.

Jordan and Holmes are backing up from a successful campaign at the Australian National Titles in Brisbane.

Jordan will race in the 16-year girls’ 100m and 200m breast-stroke events.

Holmes will swim in the 17-18 years girls’ 100m butterfly.

Head coach at Bendigo East Swimming Club, Tony Rodda is looking forward to the Sydney meet.

“It has been great to see the improvement in the younger swimmers to now be competing at national leve.

“The work the team has done shows our younger swimmers what can be achieved and is an inspiration to keep working hard and join older clubmates at such prestigious events.

“Dedication to train outdoor in winter has paid off.,” Rodda said.

The club has had six swimmers compete at national championships this year.

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Support for rainwater tanks rollout

PIONEER resident Lexi Barker has come out in support of TasWater’s roll-out of rainwater tanks for Pioneer residents.Mrs Barker said that TasWater had held “meeting after meeting” at Pioneer and the bulk of the town’s residents supported the proposal.
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A TasWater spokeswoman (ifThe Examinernf April 9) said that the water tank program had been a community-led initiative and was “well and broadly supported by the community”.

And Mrs Barker agreed.

“It’s disappointing that there are a few people who seem unable to accept what looks like a very reasonable compromise,” she said.

“The tank solution will give us fresh water -every man and his dog knows TasWater’s not going to build a water treatment plant for less than 100 people.”

But there have been media reports that some residents are concerned about the contracts relating to the alternate water supply.

Douglas Kaye is spokesman for the SWINET group and told Southern Cross Television that it was seeking legal advice after receiving a copy of the GHD report, under Right to Information, into the water supply of several north-east towns.

SWINET was requesting the Health Minister Michael Ferguson and Water Minister Jeremy Rockliff ensured Director of Health Dr Roscoe Taylor take immediate action to find the source of lead and other contaminants and prevent future contamination.

Mr Kaye said that the group was disappointed that Dorset Council had “failed in the best interests of Pioneer ratepayers since 2008”, when Pioneer was taken off the Frome Dam water supply without and notification to residents.

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Bridport’s guides a winning team

Bridport guides won the state shield at the Patrol Challenge Weekend at River’s Edge, near Huonville, in Southern Tasmania.
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Esk District leader Julie Miller said that the patrol, held at the end of March, attracted eight Bridport guides, from two patrols, and 80 from around the state

“The criteria for the competition is participation of the whole patrol in activities, encouragement by the patrol and co-operation of the patrol.,” Ms Miller said.

“While camping, the guides, aged from 10-17, are expected to erect their own tents, cook their own food, care for their own gear and equipment and work in their patrol to do activities.

“The girls are at various stages with their cooking _ some meals were quite simple and others more complicated, but the whole idea is to have fun doing it.”

Further information about guiding at Bridport is available from guide leader Lyn Commane 6365 1631 or 0409 561 642.

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Players selected for Group 10 sides

Luke Banks on the run for the St Raphael’s Russell Richardson Cup team last week.A big congratulations to all those players who have been selected in Group 10 sides.
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They are:

U12 – Hayden Mullins

U13 – Josh Cannard, Noah Ryan and Matt Wilkinson

U14 – Jake Pollard and Joe Coady

U15 – Jai Doolan


Kangaroos – Sun gleaming and the football was sparkling. Harry and Jaxon topping the tackle count. Two tries to Cohan. Seth, Nat, Toby and Jake with some spectacular runs pleasing the packed grandstand. Well done. Harry Beale man of the match.

Colts – all boys played well. Good to see some new players to the side. James got player of the match. Bears – all boys had a great game. Mack Zac and Danny made some great runs. Tyrone Jack and Jett were great at defence. Man of the match went to Mack Thompson.


Colts – Great tackling defence by all, with Cameron Murray displaying persistent cover defence. A hard running first try by David Simms followed by a conversion. Good running and hit-ups by Joe Broad. Jack Bryant showed great enthusiasm. A hard game, but great heart and sportsmanship shown by all players. Well Done. Player of the week went to newcomer Calhum Henry, welcome to the team.

Under 10

Bears – well done boys. The Banks brothers were on fire today, Mackie and Leroy were in amongst it with Charlie tackling everything that moved. Izzac pushed through tackles like a steam train and Mathew Russell was player of the match.

Colts – Our second game of the season saw much improved defence. Excellent tackling by Zac, Joel Bailey and Mikey. Aiden scored an excellent sneaky try while Hugh and Loui showed great speed in attack. Bailey Beale got man of the match.

Wallabies – the opposition got away to an early lead with few quick tries but the boys didn’t give up and we slowly clawed our way back to the top. Nick, Stan and Tom were strong up front while Mick and Harry continually asked question of the Kangaroos’ defence. Special mention must go to our new players Nikolia and Mitch – both had strong games. Player of the week went to Nick Brown.

Kangaroos – awesome first half by the Kangaroos good leadership by Lachlan put them in good position. Strong game by Axel, Will helped hold out a second half charge by the Wallabies and Raygen put in a man of the match effort.


Bears – Today the Bears were up against the Colts. The game started evenly, with both sides having a dig. Some very hard, forward running by the Bears paid off, to open some great spaces in the opposition line for the backs to drive forward and score some excellent tries. In the second half the Bears defended their line well. Very good effort by the bears, they all had a good game. Well done by all the boys, with Alex Brown going home with Player of the Day.

Colts – How good is Saturday morning footy! Our team of Colts are slowly gelling as a team, with improved performance in the second half of today’s match evident. We may not have the speed or size of our opposition, but we’ve got spirit and a never-say-die attitude to our footy which you can’t buy with any amount of money under the salary cap of Under 12 footy!

Will ‘Hayne’ Cain led by example as captain today. He scored our first try and kicked our only goal. He was massive for us today in both attack and defence. Trent ‘Dugan’ Field and Kelsey ‘Inglis’ Pollard also crossed for tries today.

More tackling practice is obviously required. Tom T. was enormous for us at fullback today. He reckons that he wants to be a prop, but with his second half performance, he should persist at the number one position for a bit longer. It’s growing on you, Tom. Glenn is gaining in confidence with every tackle and run. Max was again strong with the ball in his hands. Mitchell was moved to five-eight for today’s match, with greater speed and cohesion in the team noticeable. Matt made in-roads with his runs and made some promising tackles, something that this time last year was not part of his game. Noah was out of position a little today, but always gave his all, supporting his mates well. Tom C. has speed to burn around the rucks and is making big improvements from dummy half. Bill was hauled off mid-way through the first half for feeble tackling attempts. A much improved second half defensive display meant that he didn’t have to walk home or miss out on dinner.

Kangaroos – Really tight game throughout. The man of the match went to Will Austin. Keep your chins up boys. Training on the 16th April at 4pm. Be there if you can. Enjoy your holidays.


On Saturday the Magpies u13 team travelled to Orange and took on the Bloomfield Tigers.

The game started off with a couple of mistakes before settling down, then the Magpies clicked into gear with the first try coming from a scrum play and Josh scored.

That was followed by a quick try to Tom Thuaux, a great little support play by Brodie saw him cross, followed by a great backline movement which saw the ever-present Sam Fraser cross out wide.

With one conversion to Josh and two from Noah it gave Cowra a 22-nil buffer at the break.

The second half started off the same with big strong Jack Tarrant scoring a powerful try out wide.

It was then the game got called off with twenty minutes to go because of a neck injury to one of the Bloomfield boys. He was later cleared which was a good result.

For the Magpies, Jared had his best game of the year and is growing every week, Matt Wilko is getting better combinations every week.

Tom, Noah and Sam worked hard as usual, Andy and Brodie worked well in the halves, our big centres in Davey and Jack had the Tigers defence going backwards, Zac and Jake on the wings again were spot on and Mitch Sparkes played strongly.

Our three reserves worked well in Mitch, Alex and Jacob once again gave impact of the bench.

This week’s 3 points award was given to Josh Cannard who worked hard and was too classy for the Bloomfield side. Josh also shared the players’ player award with the big hard-working Jared Burns who was great in the front row making big yards in attack. Two weeks off boys.

Thank you again parents for making the trip, especially the ones that took other boys.

Have a great Easter.


Cowra 34 defeated Bloomfield 28

Our first game for the season after the bye in round one. For this bunch of Under 15 boys, it was their first Group 10 game, having played all their young lives with Cowra Junior Rugby League in town.

They say that the way you start your match, sets you up for the rest of the game. Well from the kick-off, Cowra kicked the ball out, so it wasn’t quite the start that we were after. Bloomfield were on our line soon after, throwing the ball out wide, when out of nowhere, Jack ‘Hopoate’ Thurtell pulled off an impressive intercept, running 90 metres to cross the line and redeem himself after his misjudged kick. Our first points in Group 10 competition were soon followed up by a rampaging Tom ‘Mannah’ Statham who barged his way through the Bloomfield defence for his first try of the season. Ethan ‘Radradra’ Booker was fantastic on the wing, backing up his inside men, scoring a well rehearsed four pointer. Tom was back to his menacing best, proving unstoppable as he scored his second try.

Defence wins you matches and a big tackle that forced Bloomfield back behind their line, forced a drop-out. Jahkai ‘Tonga’ Nelligan seized the opportunity presented to him, getting over the line just before half time.

The coach was pleased with his troops at the break. “Enjoy yourselves boys,” was the theme of his address.

The 2nd half started with far too many mistakes by the Cowra boys, allowing the opposition back into the game. We had only allowed one try against us in the first half, but Bloomfield scored four tries in the second half to make it a much closer match than it probably should have been. Jack brought up his hat-trick for the game, with a strong double late. Tom converted 3 of his conversions.

Kurt ‘Norman’ Johnstone stepped up to the higher level of footy required in Rugby League, shining in both attack and defence. A worthy ‘player of the match’ performance. Jayden ‘Hayne’ Randall was great for us at fullback. Sam ‘Sio’ Hampton was safe on the wing. Jesse ‘Sandow’ Murray provided great ball at half, supplied from Kyle ‘Peats’ Bohanna at dummy half. Jackson ‘Moi Moi’ Vallely was enormous as one of our ‘bookend’ props. Anthony ‘Lussick’ Day and Sam ‘Edwards’ Dresser were strong at second row, with Toby ‘Terepo’ Apps again massive at lock. Dean ‘Allgood’ Kacarovski came off the bench with good enthusiasm.

Two weeks off now sadly due to the holidays. Then it’s home ground game number one against last year’s Under 14 premiers, the strong Orange CYMS team. Mark it in your diary. Well done boys. Thanks to our sponsors and supporters.

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